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AccountEdge Pro Small Business Accounting

What is AccountEdge?

AccountEdge Pro is powerful small business accounting and management solution for your Mac or Windows office. It is a complete system with everything you need to make sales and purchases, run payroll, track and build inventory, bill for time, and manage contacts.

New Web Pay lets you email invoices and statements and accept customers payments online.  You can convert leads to customers, and track lead status and source with Lead Tracking.

You can grow your business with add-ons that add power to AccountEdge..  Download a trial version and see if AccountEdge is right for you.

AccountEdge Cloud

AccountEdge Cloud is a web application that lets you, your employees and contractors enter key business data on the go that syncs with your AccountEdge company file.

Payroll Processing

AccountEdge offers Full Service Payroll options or you can run your own payroll directly in AccountEdge with a payroll tax subscription. 

The AccountEdge Business Insights is designed to give you a new way to review the health and performance of your business. One of the keys to effective financial management is to regularly monitor those factors that determine the success of your business. Companies can benefit from a short list of key measures that they can look at on a regular basis to see how the business is tracking. We use familiar financial ratios, based on your AccountEdge data, and display them graphically for easier analysis so you can spot trends. You can print these graphs and print a Business Insights Summary report.

Add On Services

AccountEdge integrates with Shopify and Checkout Point of Sale for Mac.  Rerun is a simple recurring billing option that lets you accept payments.

Rerun is a simple recurring billing option for subscription and membership billing that works with AccountEdge. No merchant account is required.



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